Working holiday wins weather lottery!!!

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 This year's wild camp working holiday achieved splendid results in the area around Lingmell col.

 Even more importantly this year's holiday enjoyed ideal weather, with unbroken sunshine during the remote camping expedition above the Corridor route path, below Broad Crag. It has usually been all or nothing  weather wise in previous years, so we definitely had the winning ticket in the meteorological lottery.

 Combining safety and conservation was the priority, achieved by obliterating one unwanted route and defining, regularising and stabilising another.

  The junction of the Wasdale Head to Scafell Pike path and the start of the Corridor route has confused people for many years,causing many to end up in the wrong valley at the end of the day.

  Rationalising  cairns was the first task , leaving just the crucial ones which mark the start of the way back to Sty Head.



 Creating one reasonably contained path amid the mass of scree descending from the summit was the next job; rearranging stone of various sizes occupying much of the day


Here we see the combination of larger stone defining edges and endless bucketfulls of gravel to create the path surface


this one was definitely too big to get in a bucket!

 As the first day wore on the new path became more clear, and to complete the picture landscaping of the surrounding areas helped emphasize the route. Normally volunteer's dogs either supervise or provide a "Hound of the Baskervilles" style accompaniment but the leader's dog Jess actually helped with the digging (with a little prompting)



  Having created a sustainable way to the start of the Corridor route the second day focussed on removing another less useful route which descended from Lingmell alongside an old wall, and led people towards Piers Gill.

 The problem of people losing their way and ending up heading into the hazardous canyon of Piers Gill has caused many Mountain Rescue team call-outs over the years and so after creating a safer route for people to follow we set about removing this one -


Using nearby boulder fields we managed to remove the visual prescence of this path heading down to the "wrong" side of Piers Gill and blend it in with the surrounding landscape


This most subtle of path repair techniques is often the most satisfying as it restores the natural state of the hillside so effectively and thus completed a very productive few days.

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