The tree planting continues

The start of January heralds a continuation of our large scale tree planting on selected sites throughout the property. We completed the Eskdale sections and moved to Wasdale, where we are again softening the boundaries between valley floor and open fellsides.

Greendale gill was the first target and so a few thousand trees with native credentials were scattered around the gill.

This is in an area below the path to Middle Fell which we are more familiar with in a path maintenance context.

Once this was completed we moved to the other side of Buckbarrow :


Here as before we are creating a natural looking spread of small scrub type species interspersed with a smaller number of larger ones such as oak and birch. This is in drastic contrast to surrounding larch plantations:


Once the trees start to raise their heads above their protective tubes it will create a more natural looking transition from wooded valley floor to open hillside:


 For the next stage we decided to have a large scale cross -property attack on the area below Windsor farm in Nether Wasdale.   Staff from the Morecambe Bay properties joined us on February 4th to plant a total of 2,000 trees and shrubs:


Making sure a consistently random distribution of appropriate types was spread around the site was quite a task. Bags of specific species had to be split and redistributed into individual bags for planting.


Eventually we all dispersed to all  four corners of the site (and the middle bit as well) with our bags of trees and planting spades, all under the supervision of the Sandscale Hawes dog.


All involved were duly impressed by the typically sun soaked vistas of Wasdale, and we agreed that Western Lakes staff would make a reciprocal visit to Arnside & Silverdale. 


 After the planting is all over our main winter task is a grant funded walling project between the Seathwaite reservoir and Tongue House farm. This involves restoring an old enclosure which we suspect was created to hold horses used in quarrying in the area.


We have hosted a few volunteers on this project already during gaps in the tree planting programme and they have enjoyed typically glorious weather (do the western valleys ever experience anything else?)


During the winter months we are always aware of the impending spectre of bag filling, in preparation for the mojor fell-fixing season. This year we are still in the process of discussing with English Nature where we can acquire stone for the Wrynose to Crinkle Crags path, and news of the results will appear soon.....






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