The stone is all delivered -now we just fit it into the hillside!

Fix The Fells | What We Do | What We Are Working On Now | West Team News | The stone is all delivered -now we just fit it into the hillside!

One of the first opportunities to get extra hands on board was our mountain biking working holiday on Black Sail Pass.

 In mid June a week of riding on / repairing bridleways included adding extra drainage to tackle water damage.mbwh_2015_114.JPG

Having clear dry weather is always handy when tackling water issues, as trying to dig a trench which keeps filling up with rainwater is no laughing matter!

As well as preventing damage we also dealt with a gully created by rain scourage by moving the path line to higher ground on the right and allowing the gully to become a stream channel.

at_last_it_works_043.jpg before

july_15_018.JPG  during

As you can see from the before shot people were already avoiding the gully by dodging to the right; so formalising the situation was the ideal solution. This was achieved by digging quantities of our old friend 'pinnel' - finely graded glacial debris ideal for path surfacing - from the gully and spreading it on the newly widened path line.

A week after this the insatiable FTF volunteers returned to Lingmell Gill for a day's work, tackling various problem areas including an awkwardly bouldery bit of the route where a spring at the side of the path was adding to the problem.

  As usual the best way to deal with apparently immoveable obstructions was to grab a couple of pinch bars, give them to a few volunteers and let them loose for an hour or so...


the bouldery obstruction was soon transformed into a few moderate steps with the spring diverted away to the right.


A few weeks later the most challenging working holiday of the year - the wild camping experience - was upon us. This involved camping discreetly near Esk Hause overnight and repairing damaged path areas during the day.

 After a worrying first night the weather gods desisted from their fretting and the mighty cliffs of Great End loomed benignly while the full moon gently rippled reflectively in the becalmed waters of Sprinkling Tarn.


 Camping from Sunday till Wednesday at the turn of the month seven volunteers tackled the problem of path edges eroding and widening along the route from Sty Head to Esk Hause.


In the above picture the delicate peaty areas to the left were starting to be eaten away by trampling so the creation of a more clearly defined and drier poute provided walkers with a comfortable route while preserving the surrounding terrain.

We also did some landscaping work nearby, encouraging re-vegetation beside an already repaired section of path by removing inert debris and increasing the amount of soil on the surface


The volunteers were keen to record this achievement for posterity.


  Our main task when not supplemented by unpaid help has been the continued upgrade of the Brown Tongue path to Scafell Pike. The existing 'old style' sloping cobbled route has been widened and the adjacent gullies landscaped away

late_july_004.JPG a typical example of the existing path

later_july_019.JPG replaced by flat steps and the sides smoothed down.

Completing this year's quota of path (being dependant on how much we could realistically achieve within the overall work programme) at the end of July we will have upgraded 104sq/m of path. August will see us moving onto Black Sail Pass for the remainder of the season.



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