Preparing to Change Location and Personnel

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After six years spent variously as long term volunteer, seasonal upland ranger and latterly social media pioneer Rob Hayes has decided it's time to say farewell (thrice) to the rest of the West Lakes upland team and say 'ello 'ello 'ello to the Cumbria constabulary.


  Having repaired paths across the West and beyond, rescued stranded dog owners from the rock chimney on Striding Edge and many other heroic efforts besides, his departure will see the average IQ level among upland rangers plummet dramatically.

 As we move into the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, as this view from Wrynose pass early one morning shows -


- we have completed our landscaping and stabilisation work on Striding Edge. Amid glorious late summer weather, which has been a welcome boost to the grass growing season, we havemade the route from the edge to the summit safer and more contained, removing much of the loose, precarious debris and along the way provided spectacular photo opportunities


  We have also continued progress on Crinkle Crags,including the erection of a shed, which you will be able to investigate in detail on the South Lakes update. The shed has proved invaluable as a lookout post for team leader Iain 'meerkat' Griffiths


(actually he's just pausing to take in the view while tacking on the roof felt)

 We will be returning next year to complete the narrowing of the wide gravelly sections and as on Striding Edge the extended growing season has greatly helped establish the path-side greenery


 Our principal task for the remaining weeks of the upland season involves liasing with digger driver Pat,from the National Parks team who will be working with us on the Jubilee Bridge to Harter Fell packhorse way. The machine's role will be re-establishing drainage features along the route which we will consolidate with the addition of stone waths wherever neccessary.

 We will also be improving the first section of the track directly above Jubilee Bridge itself where the current jumble of boulders will be replaced by a more regularised stretch of pitching.

 As well as all this we are hosting another Fix the Fells residential weekend before the start of October, where the usual team of enthusiastc fix the fellers will be tackling the lower slopes of Lingmell.


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