No flying purple squirrels this year...???

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Scottish based PDG helicopters are a familiar sight with their small yet agile machines usually flying our summer's supply of path repair stone


This year however a different firm, BIH arrived with a larger 6 seater ex rescue machine (one careful owner, many original features)


After depositing another supply of stone on the Brown Tongue path for this year's continuation of our ongoing 3 peaks route upgrade we also flew 45 bags of landscaping stone onto the upper section of the Great Gable path from Styhead to the summit. This path, built in the late 1990s has been suffering from the effects of scree-running for a number of years and so we will be consolidating, reinforcing and occasionally repairing bits of the path where debris is cascading over and undermining it.

A departure from our usual sphere of activity will see us on the shore of Wastwater throughout May building a launch ramp for Wasdasle Mountain Rescue team's boat (used mainly to rescue people stranded on the hazardous lakeshore path below the screes).


Situated at the foot of the lake beside the pump house used to supply water to the Sellafield nuclear plant, this ramp will allow vehicles with boat trailers to access the lakeshore without damaging the delicate SSI area around the lake (and the uniquely oligotrophic lake itself, of course). As you can see the stone ramp is made from typical path building stone so the upland team were chosen to install this discreet feature.

This should be completed by the end of the month, leaving us with the rest of the summer to concentrat on Brown Tongue. 


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