Moving On Up ...Yewbarrow.

Our usual early morning aerobic warm up routine to the sound of M People provides an appropriate statement of our plans to 'move on up' to the second phase of the Yewbarrow project, namely to create a new safe route to the summit ridge of Yewbarrow which avoids the dangers of the highly unstable scree gully beside Overbeck butress.

 Two upland rangers wondering what to do with a large gully:


   The new path we are creating will steer well to the south of the gully, gently curling it's way towards the upper limit of the ravine where a stabilised causeway will guide people safely across the loose, mobile scree before continuing upwards.

 The first stage of the project has been completed and we now wait for the grass seed to grow. The transformation of the delapidated step stile into an accesible yet secure kissing gate is worth observing in 'before' and 'after' mode:



We now have a steadily rising pitched route all the way along the initial steep section from Overbeck car park, and now the temperature has belatedly risen to something nearly springlike the landscaped areas will green up soon.

  During May we hosted another FTF working weekend which despite being less well attended than usual still produced impressive results as part the ongoing improvement of the lingmell gill route to scafell pike. This involved rearranging many of the randomly obstacular boulders littering the path area and creating a terraced way surfaced with gravel dredged from the edges of the gill. 

 The near constant rain prevented the taking of any photos however and so you will either have to just imagine what it now looks like or pay a visit and sample the newly improved walking experience.

  Another venture we have began recently is the installation of Geocaches. We have begun modestly by locating two in the Wasdale area. Information about geocaching can be found at





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