Keeping busy in the winter months

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The first task of the new year has been to complete a section of grant funded wall rebuild on Boot bank near the historic peat huts. Luckily the weather was kind to us allowing steady progress through january and february.

 The first volunteer work party of the year took place shortly after the wall was completed. It involved improving drainage on the track from the village up to the huts.

 After the interminable rain of 2012 the normally dry and grassy surface had been churned into a sea of mud. To solve this problem we had to create an extra length of side drain in the traditional style of the track - thus providing a perfect opportunity for an eager and enthusiastic contingent of FTFers to hack and hew their way and create a discreet yet robust side channel and a stone wath where another path joins the track. Soon the warm spring sunshine will help the surface to return to it's former state (with a little bit of grass seed as well).


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