Forays into Ennerdale.

We have ventured into sunny ennerdale recently for a couple of day-long tasks. The first was a maintenance run on the award winning gamlin end path at the eastern end of the high stile ridge. The most important part of the day was to unearth the top of the pitched surface from the tons of creeping scree under which it had become buried.boot_bank_grant_wall_2012-13_028.jpg

At times we felt like archaeologists excavating a recently discovered find believed to have been built by primitive man long,long ago.

 The second day was spent on ennerdale lakeshore repairing a section of the coast to coast route as it wriggles around angler's crag. We obliterated an unstable alternative path which was undermining the preferred route which traverses a more sustainable way along bedrock, and enhanced the approach to the correct route with a bit of landscaping.newest_photies_029.jpg

 It was important to get this done before the influx of Coast to Coasters who usually appear from easter onwards-although this year that seems a bit optimistic!

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