foliating the fells

After spending autumn overlooking Brotherilkeld farmland while repairimg the Jubilee Bridge path we returned there in the new year.

We were helping refoliate the surrounding area by continuing the installation of tree cages which began during last years winter interregnum.

 We completed a batch of 100 directly below the path and then moved to the other side of the Hardknott road distributing tree cages in a subtly random manner below the crags which skirt the North-Western gateway of the Roman fort.


 As we worked we entertained hopes of finding discarded Roman artefacts which may have been hurled from the "gateway to nowhere" as it is known, which is directly above where we are in this picture, but so far nothing has been unearthed.


In a few years this view of the skyline of upper Eskdale with Bowfell in the centre will be complemented with an array of native tree species which should enhance without obscuring the compelling vista.

 The usual winter activity of grant funded walling continued before the midwinter break. We were quite lucky to enjoy a spell of  December sunshine on the moorland above High Thistleton overlooking Nether Wasdale and the Scafell range.


This stunning location inspired us to achieve a rapid burst of wall rebuilding in conjunction with the Wasdale Estate Ranger team.


 Other opportunities for being pictured walling in iconic locations arose during the course of the winter...


In a few months time we will be looking down on Wasdale Head from the slopes of Kirk Fell as we begin the upland season by gathering stone to landscape some erosion scars above the top of Black Sail Pass, until then there are still several more tree cages to complete.






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