flying on friday.

Monday April 22nd was intended to be the day of the western lakes airlift but high winds prevented any flying until friday lunchtime.   The short flight from the boulder fields of yewbarrow's south east slopes to the badly eroded route from overbeck car park up the south west ridge required some delicate manouvering to get the bags in the correct places, as well as providing a test of nerve for Baz in the yellow vest. The hard hat provides little reassurance when nearly one tonne of stone is hurtling towards you!


 A total of 42 bags were placed on the lower section of this path. More bags headed further up towards the summit,in the overbeck crags gully, providing an excuse for some dramatic shots-



The target of 102 bags was reached around 5.30pm and despite the usual hazards of over confident tourists trying to stand virtually underneath the helicopter's approach route we managed to get all bags roughly where they were needed.



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