Airlift over- now the hard work starts.

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 Here in the west we dont like to let the grass grow under our helibags, and so virtually the instant the bags landed on the hillside  we staggered into action barely 18 hours later.

 The first residential FTF weekend of the year took place on april 20/21st and ten eager volunteers set about building drains and creating a new "benched" route beyond the  delapidated stile above the overbeck car park.


As usual alfie the dog supervises the drain building. He has been trained to emit a high pitched yelp whenever he thinks a stone has been placed at the wrong angle.

 Just above this drain other FTFers dug away at a deposit of "pinnel" - hard gravelly material ideal for path surfacing. This was carted up to a higher bit of path where it was used to resurface a discreetly realigned section of the route.


The following week we began the main length of pitching from the FTFers drain up to the old stile, which we will be replacing with a new kissing gate. Progress was rapid and we were soon transforming the wide stony gully into a stable pitched path-


Our serial seasonal team member Rob Hayes soon transformed this thus -


With another eager volunteer in the form of John from Walney Island tackling the next section above Rob we will soon have completed this initial stage of the project and will then be venturing into the rocky defile of overbeck gully for stage two. 



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