West Team News

Overbeck is all over.

After our series of working holidays we return to Yewbarrow to finish our new path bypassing Overbeck gully and up to the Great Door.

Repairing The Roof Of England

The BMC sponsored cairn removal and path narrowing work along the Pikes of Scafell between Ill crag and Broad crag has been completed.

The (working) holiday season starts.

As well as progressing on Yewbarrow and venturing back to Swirral edge for 1 week we have begun hostinjg working holiday groups continuing the restoration of the pack horse route over Burnmoor and are…

Moving On Up ...Yewbarrow.

Stage one of the yewbarrow project is now complete, so we haul our tools and ourselves up to the start of stage two beneath the ominous shadow of Dropping Crag.

Airlift over- now the hard work starts.

Now that the bags of stone have been moved into position we can begin the restoration of yewbarrow (well,the bit that goes up to overbeck crag at least)