West Team News

The stone is all delivered -now we just fit it into the hillside!

With over 100 bags of stone in various locations around Wasdale we now enrol the help of volunteers to begin putting it in place.

We Counted Them All Out And We Counted Them All Back Again

The flying of bags to sites on Kirk Fell and Brown Tongue went according to plan as Phoebus's bright chariot was eclipsed by PDG helicopters' maroon chariot

Now We Are Four (again)

Restored to full size again we dive straight intio a variety of tasks.

foliating the fells

During the winter break from footpath work we continue our tree plantng campaign, among other things...

Preparing to Change Location and Personnel

As we complete this year's Crinkle crags work we now look towards Harter Fell and also bid farewell to our second longest serving team member.