West Team News

From Lakefoot to Mountaintop

After completing the Wastwater boat ramp we head back into the hills again.

No flying purple squirrels this year...???

For the first time in a decade we have a different helicopter company flying our stone to repair sites.

As winter finally recedes the first signs of spring appear.

In just one weekend at the start of April a record 31 volunteer days are recorded as the Fix The Fellers frolicked in the spring sunshine.

As winter's roll call of storms sweeps relentlessy we look forward to Spring

As the old year fades away spring seems far off, yet the time will soon pass till we are bag filling once again in preparation for April's helicopter lifts.

As we head towards autumn we make our way down Kirk Fell

Starting near the top of Kirk Fell, we are gradually descending back to Wasdale Head as we repair and improve sections of Black Sail Pass