Team Update September 2015

Team Update September 2015

This month saw the team ploughing considerable time into our major project of the year at Coniston Old Man.  The push was on to try and finish the work by the end of September.  With fantastic help from Basecamp and the Lengthsmen , we managed to get the project wrapped up by the deadline we’d given ourselves.   All the main pitching sections are in and hopefully people will start to use them. 


Eroded gully where people were spreading out


Pitching through the gully

As is tradition, the team celebrate the last day on a major project by having a fry up on the fell.  We allocate who brings in which food stuffs and then one of the team volunteers to cook.  There’s a lot of pressure on the cook as the team are usual starving by lunchtime and they also have to be ready to take advice from all angles about how to cook the food.  Luke took on the job and he performed magnificently.


One of the individual portions that was dished out to each team member. 

We’ve also spent three days this month at Mart Crag Moor carrying out some maintenance on the sheep fleece path.  This path has now been in place for around seven years and although it generally requires little after care, it does require a topping up of material on the path surface now and again.  Again, with help from the Lengthsmen, we had two Pinnel Pits dug out and then used wheelbarrows to move the material across to the path. 


One of the operational Pinnel Pits


A spot of barrowing on a fine day, in a fine location

With the Old Man project finished, it’s on to our last big job of the year at Raise Beck.  The work involves some drainage on the path and the repairing of two large retaining walls.  Due to Raise Beck being in steep sided valley, we’re expecting no sun to shine on us.   We’re not going to complain though, as we had an excellent September weather wise.   


View from the top worksite on Coniston Old Man


View from the top of Fairfield on a path maintenace day

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