Team Update September 2014

This month saw the team finish their large projects for the year.  Striding Edge was finally completed on the last day of the month and now we’ll just have to see how the work we’ve done up there will settle in.  This will be a job that we’ll have to keep on visiting from time to time to landscape out any new routes that appear through the fragile areas to the side of the path.  It’s been a few months since we started on the project and we can finally see some of the fruits of our labour.


This path took people away from the Edge to areas where the landscape was eroding away and so we had to remove this.



We’ve now put our Crinkles project to sleep for the winter and we’ll return in the spring.  Overall, the project is coming along nicely and next year will see more narrowing of the path line and work to try and re-vegetate the sensitive areas to the sides of the path.  The project has seen many people and volunteers working on it and September was no different.  We were joined by the National Park Apprentices who were with the team to see what we do on the paths and to get stuck in with some of the work.


It was good to have them along for the week and maybe we’ll be seeing them again in the future.  One of the guys from the group had a particular party trick of balancing stones on top of stones. 


A group from Leeds Building Society joined us as well this month on the Tongue Gill footpath at Grasmere.  Each year the group do one day working for a conservation group and this year they decided they wanted to help Fix the Fells.  It was a good day with loads of work done and hopefully they’ll go away and spread the word about why we need to do this kind of work in the fells.


The team will now switch to maintenance type work for the rest of October and then by November, the team will head off the hills and into the valleys for the winter.  What with the turning of the weather and the shorter days, it can be quite nice to migrate down to the valleys for some other work although we will miss some of the great views we’ve had this season.


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