May Update 2015


The month of May saw our Tongue Gill project progressing nicely and the majority of the works up there are now complete.  The project has gone well and it’s been really good taking to walkers from all over the world completing the Coast to Coast route. 



 Before work.  The Stone steps have fallen out and this could lead to more above becoming dislodged


After work.  Steps replaced


For the past four years we’ve had assistance with our work from some students at Kendal College and the guys were back out again to give us a hand.  Their studying to be outdoor instructors of the future and so they spend time with the team to understand some of the implications of access related erosion in the fells.  They helped us this year at Tongue Gill and took ownership of a section of pitching.


May also saw the team heading away from our patch to help our Northern colleagues up there on Carlside.  The guys are working on a ‘Bench’ path and the technique is very similar to a project we worked on at Bracken Hause, near Grasmere.  The technique can only be used successfully on certain hillsides.  Too steep and we wouldn’t be able to cut the ’bench’ in and if it’s not steep enough, people will cut the corners.  This project is on-going and will be finished sometime in the summer.  The rough outline of the path is in place and people are sticking to it, so it looks as if it will do the job.


Bench Path being cut in

In the middle of the month we had our property Rangers here in the South Lakes join us on Striding and Swirral Edge to have a look at the work we’ve been doing up there.  Our team did some homework and learnt about the local fauna, flora and history of the area to impress our work mates.  Not sure if we convinced them that we’re very knowledgeable Upland Rangers but we think everyone had a good time seeing what we do.


Luke has the Ranger team hanging off his every word












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