Team Update June 2013


For the majority of June we’ve been working on our main project of the year at Fairfield.  Progress is going well with no hitches so far apart from some bedrock that lingers just below the gravel.  It seems a bit random as to who gets the bedrock in their section of path.  Some sections can have none what so ever and then the next stretch is entirely made up of bedrock.  You can tell who has hit bedrock by the familiar clink of the pinch bar and the grunts of frustration.


Before work has taken place showing the erosion.  Notice the new paths forming on the left where people don't want to walk on the gravel.


Photo of the same area with some pitching and landscaping done.

This month also saw the team helping out the National Trust Basecamp crew and Ranger Joe from the North complete 80 Metres of sheep fleece path above Langdale Combe(see previous updates on the techniques).  The majority of the work was carried out by an absolute fantastic turnout of lengthsmen, without whom the project wouldn’t have been finished.  Everyone really got stuck in and a job that would have taken weeks to finish for a team got done in three days.  A highlight was when Ranger Joe had left his lunch unattended and Titan the Labrador dog couldn’t help himself.  To top off the weekend there was a splendid BBQ on the Saturday night organised and cooked beautifully by the lengthsmen.


New path line on the left.  Old erosion scar on the right


Fleece being placed in the tray and then gravel put on top of the fleece.

The team have also had a day working on a section of the Coast to Coast path.  In May, groups of Rangers and lengthsmen carried out some surveying to identify work on the route that could be tackled and nipped in the bud before they become major project work.  So with the specification in hand, we went up there and managed to complete several of the tasks identified on the list and have hopefully saved a lot of the work that has gone on in previous years.


Before photo of a short cut developing around a cairn on the left hand side.


After shot of the work carried out by the lengthsmen.

Whilst writting this we've heard rumours that the long term forecast for July is looking very good with prolonged sunny spells.  Fingers crossed and we'll let you know how right or wrong the rumours are next month.

By Ian Griffiths

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