Team Update July 2013

The rumours mentioned in last month's update were surprisingly accurate and the weather for most of July has been excellent. At times it has been rather hot for footpath work (not that we are complaining!) and has resulted in the occasional lunchtime dip in Grisedale Tarn.

Much of the team's time in July has been spent working on our main project on the path that heads up Fairfield from Grisedale tarn. The main section of around 100 metres of stone pitched path is progressing well.

Fairfield Project: looking up main section of stone pitched path at the end of July

This project has benefited from volunteer help, as is very often the case. One large work party in July involved lots of the volunteer lengthsmen and also several managers who don't often have the opportunity get their hands dirty doing practical work. It was a very enjoyable day and a lot of progress was made with the stone pitched path and associated landscaping.

Large Fairfield work party in progress: Landscaping work in foreground with pitching higher up

We have also done work on Fairfield in an area of scree higher up where multiple routes had developed. The aim of this work is to tidy this erosion up by defining one clear line and landscaping out the other routes.  Grass seed (formulated for the fells) was also used to try to 'green up' and stabilise the erosion. This part of the project was a joint effort and made use of the expertise of the Western team who joined us for a week to do this section.
It was gruelling work in the scree and very warm on the first day that week. This meant that everyone needed a quick lunchtime nap.

South & West teams enjoying lunchtime nap whilst working on the Fairfield scree section 

We also spent some time working on a project near Blea Moss, which was mentioned in our April update. This project is mostly being done using volunteers and with colleagues from our Volunteer Centre at High Wray. One of these volunteer groups was  'West Runton Holidays' who have been coming to our volunteer centre for a fortnight each year for many years.

 Working on a section of Stone pitched path for the Blea Moss project with West Runton Holidays

In addtion to our main project work we have to keep up with the maintenance on other paths. This may involve a 'drain run' (clearing the drains, clearing gravel from the stone pitching and checking the general condition of a path) or a work party to carry out specific tasks. One work party was on a path on the lower part of Coniston Old Man. This involved drainage and landscaping work with the Volunteer Lengthsmen and Tanya, our Fix the Fells Programme Manager.

Volunteer lengthsmen working on a drain on Coniston Old Man (expertly supervised by Tanya & Tilly)


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