South Lakes update for October 2015

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A stunning September on the Old Man saw the completion of the project and with the start of October we moved on to Raise Beck above Grasmere. As many expected the turn of the month saw a change in the weather with a rather rotten first week. However a new project and a change in techniques kept smiles on the teams faces. In addition, as the weather begins to deteriorate the team begins to be increasingly involved in low level projects on the property.

WP_20151002_014.jpgRaise Beck before and after.


The revetment walls are crucial on Raise Beck lifting the path out of the ghyll bottom. The two main collapses offered an interesting challenge. The walls had been constructed against bed rock cliffs that had funnelled water into the wall and assisting with its demise. To combat this issue we looked to increase the structural integrity of the wall with a solid base which meant big stones and the winch.

luke_winch.pngGetting the rocks into place


The winch opens up a whole new realm of possibilities allowing the team to move much larger rocks. Fortunately, the foul weather made the ground rather slippy helping the rocks to slide along. This allowed us to get the base into place and lift rocks up onto the wall saving our poor backs. There were also a number of drainage issues on the path which with the help of a FixtheFells work party were quickly resolved with a number of waths. The Lengthsmen seemed to enjoy their day playing in the mud in rather pleasant autumnal conditions. In addition, the Lengthsmen were also heavily involved with the notorious Esk Hause/ Calf cove drain run one of the longest on the calendar but with a party of 17 it was quickly bossed.

21552746993_b872a76429_k.jpgLengthsmen out in force.


Finally some of the older drains on raise beck were beginning to see the test of time and needed refreshing. By adding new bases and resetting some of the sides we were able to deal with some leakage issues helping to dry up the path and avoid any future problems. As mentioned previously we have been involved in some property projects mainly the grand opening of the Claife Station viewing platform. A real team effort from the entire Coniston property and Basecamp saw the project completed and it even made the local news. Well worth a visit if your passing by with the coloured panels offering something rather different as they look to emulate the different seasons and weather.


Claife Viewing station.


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