June 2015 Update

Our work can be quite varied and in June this was also particularly true of the weather, ranging from snow/sleet/icy rain with strong winds to beautiful warm sunny days.

It was quite chilly on Helvellyn at the start of June 

Some of our work this month involved returning to projects from recent years on Swirral and Striding Edge. The work here has mostly involved trying to reduce erosion on the sides of these edges and on Helvellyn headwall. In terms of minimising this damage the best route for people tends to be to try to follow the highest point of these edges. A catchy phrase that sums this up, introduced to us by Richard Fox (Fix the Fells Ranger from the Lake District National Park Authority) is "CREST IS BEST".
The Northern team joined us on Striding Edge for a few days to help with this project work.

       Striding_Edge_break_pre-work_IMG_7484.jpgA quick break above Striding Edge before heading down to start work

Working with the Northern team on Helvellyn headwall

In return for their help on Striding Edge we also spent time helping the Northern team with their "bench" path on Carlside. This project was mentioned in last month's update. 

Working with the Northern team on a section of "bench" path on Carlside

We also started work in June on a project in Dovedale, an existing path below Dove Crag which is in need of some repair. This project includes repairing and adding drainage, repairing loose stone pitching and removing side route erosion.

View during our commute to the Dovedale project (one rather fine day)

A section of stone "pitching" in need of repair

Stone "pitching" repair in progress (but not quite finished)


As usual there were volunteer work parties in the fells.  A fantastic resource that enables us to get much more work done than we otherwise could.

One of these was with the regular Fix the Fells lengthsmen and was on a path up Wansfell Pike from Troutbeck.  This was a path the team had worked on a number of years ago but not seen since as it has only just been added to our portfolio of paths.
This work party focused on repairing drains that weren't working and some landscaping work. It was beautiful day which is unusual for one of our work parties.  Plenty of other work was identified and we will return for future work parties.

Fix the Fells lengthsmen repairing a drain on a path up Wansfell Pike

Another work party in June was with a group from Leeds Building Society on another beautiful day. This group came out and worked with us for the first time last year.
This day was spent on a main route up Coniston Old Man, another of our projects for this year.  The group cleared the drains and removed loose material from the stone pitching as well as doing some landscaping work. Rewards included a trip to the summit and, for a couple of the group, a lunch time dip in Low Water.

Staff from Leeds Building Society at work on Coniston Old Man

Leeds Building Society Group on the Summit of Coniston Old Man
(Thanks Guys)

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