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The tender boats previously dotted along the shore line at Harrowslack on the west shore of Windermere are now kept in tender storage areas. This is part of the project with Windermere Reflections to reduce erosion of the shoreline by allowing vegetation to re-establish itself; reed beds will also be restored.  A slipway to launch the boats from has now been constructed by one of the storage areas. Redundant stone from previous work on the shore line has been used to build the slip way.


Slipway under construction or not as the case may be.......must be lunch.


Beautiful view looking out to the mored boats.

A mixture of Hawthorn, Blackthorn, hazel and holly were plant along the edges of the tender storage areas to act as a screen for the launch boats.


Ian planting.

Park Coppice

One of the jobs this winter was to complete the dry stone wall at Park Coppice Caravan Park. The final section was along a section of woodland that was coppiced the previous year. Due to the lack of cams on site and in trying to keep the stone used consistent, blue/black slate was brought from Burlington Slate in Kirby.


Stripping out wall at Park Coppice.

The name of this site Park Coppice, together with numerous multi-stemmed Hazel trees indicate a history of coppice management. There has been no recent woodland management. Coppicing has now opened up the woodland floor to greater light levels, stimulating regeneration and growth of woodland wild flowers.



Coppiced woodland at Park Coppice Caravan site.

Blea Tarn Moss.

The second phase of work being carried out at Blea Tarn Moss was to direct water into water smoots that had been built last month.  Depending on the location of the water smoot, a water bar or just some landscaping was required.  There are several more water smoots to be built along this stretch of path. Once complete the path will be monitored to see effective the drainage solution has been and whether people are keeping to the path.


Water bar channelling water into smoot.


Goats Water Christmas work party.

The Christmas work party this year was along the path that takes to upto Goats Water in the Coniston Fells. The main tasks were to build a couple of waths, removal of a large cairn and landscaping.

Several buckets and nets of stone later and the cairn had been literially transported further down the path. The stone was used to build a landscaped mound on a badly eroded area beside the path. Borrow pit were then dug to source earth to cover the stone before turfing.


Paula and Jane in synch, chipping away at the cairn.


Will (resting on shovel) overseeing operations in the borrow pit!


Towards the end of the Day, wath and landscaped mound finished.

Here are a few more memorable photos of the Day, lets not forget the tempremental weather and the rock lugging elf!


Christine came well prepared!


Day of two half’s.


Good to see someone made an effort………nice one Ian!


Thanks again and good elf to all for the New Year!


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