April 2016 Update

In April the team returned to our Upland work after spending winter and early spring working mostly in the lower level countryside.  The next 7 months or so will be focused on upland path repair work to help tackle erosion in the fells of the Lake District.

April has also been an important month as we now have a new team supervisor, Joe, who has joined us from the North Lakes team. We have also recently recruited another team member and should be able to introduce him in our June update.

IMG_0501_Joe_Thresthwaite.jpgJoe, the new South Team Supervisor

The early part of April was focussed on filling bags with rock for some of our forthcoming projects and preparing for the helicopter lifts to move the rock into place.  We were able to get some of our rock from a pile at the top of Dunmail Raise.  This had been washed out from Raise Beck during the December 2015 floods and piled up during the subsequent tidy up.  We also collected rock from screes below Browncove Crags with (much appreciated) help from the Western team.

IMG_0349_bag_filling_Dunmail.jpgBag filling at the top of Dunmail Raise - using rock tidied up from the December 2015 floods

IMG_0370_Bag_filling_Brown_Cove_Crags.jpgBag filling beneath Browncove Crags with help from the Western team

The helicopter lifts this year coincided nicely with a period of good weather. Consequently the lifts went very smoothly and we moved rock for projects on the path from Grisedale Tarn up Dollywaggon Pike and the "Swirls" path up Helvellyn.

P1010952_heli_drop_Dollywaggon.jpgRock being dropped off for our Dollywaggon Pike path project

Now that the preparations are taken care of we will be able to get stuck into the actual project work.

Some other work carried out during April included repairing a short section of a path along Raise Beck. A section of retaining wall had collapsed and needed re-building to reinstate the path.

IMG_0385_Raise_Beck_path_collapse.jpg Raise Beck path section that had collapsed

IMG_0391_Raise_Beck_path_repaired.jpgRaise Beck path section with retaining wall reinstated

We also had one of our regular work parties with the volunteer lengthsmen on a path up Wansfell Pike from Ambleside. This was a continuation of work using landscaping techniques to remove side route erosion.

P1020612_Wansfell_Pike_Work_Party.jpgVolunteer Lengthsmen on Wansfell Pike using landscaping techniques to remove side route erosion

During April the weather has been quite varied. One particularly memorable day was when we held interviews to find a new team member. We took the candidates to a past path project from Grisedale Tarn up Fairfield and on the day the weather ranged from blue skies and sunshine to snow showers and icy winds. Fortunately it did not deter any of the candidates.

IMG_0439_Fairfield_interview_day.jpg April weather

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