Path Repairs at Allan Bank

by Ade Mills. East Team. February 2013 

Since the last update our work on the fell tops has been limited by the snow and ice so much of our work has been concentrated at Allan Bank. We’re continuing the work that we did last year on the Woodland Trail.

The footpath that we’re working on is pretty level but a bit too rough for some people and it is also quite wet in areas. As we want to make sure the trail is suitable for lots of people it was decided that it should be resurfaced. 

Before Start Work
(Picture: Before starting work)

Before resurfacing, the first job was to sort out the drainage. We piped three areas where the rainwater tends to accumulate and we also put in two new stone cross-drains.

Improving The Drainage
(Picture: Improving the drainage)

The next job was to edge the path. As part of the woodland management work being undertaken at Allan Bank we’re removing quite a few trees. Doing this will allow more light to penetrate through the tree canopy which encourages flowering plants to flourish. This will in turn increase the number of butterflies and other insects which are a great food source for nesting birds. Good news all round! So we took advantage of all the surplus timber to edge our new path. 

Edging the Footpath
(Picture: Fixing the edging in place)

Finally it was time to start moving the gravel. By the time we’re finished we’ll have shovelled thirty tonnes of gravel and moved it around the woodland with our power barrows. It's certainly not the speediest of jobs but it's the only way to do it. 

Starting the gravelling
(Picture: Starting the gravelling)

The new path is definitely starting to take shape now and when finished will provide a fantastic route around the woodland. 

New section of path
(Picture: New section of path) 

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