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April has been a month of sitting and waiting. Whenever helicopter week gets mentioned the Cumbrian weather seems to take a turn for the worst. After weeks of calm, cold days helicopter week arrived, and like every year the weather always seems to take a turn for the worst. At the beginning of the month the winds picked the rain came down and even a bit of sleet was spotted on the high fells. The week was a complete right off for the Central andEastLakesteam, with no bags getting flown.

With the helicopter lift being cancelled, it gave the team a chance to finish the revetment at Cockshott point, which was started in March. The only problem was that there had been a lot of snow melt the previous week, which meant the lake was slightly higher than when we first started the job.


 The lake had risen quite a lot.

 Luckily we had managed to get enough of the revetment completed last time; this meant that the bank had not been washed away by the encroaching tide. After a week of hard work the revetment had been reinstated to its former glory.


 Before & After

By the end of the month the weather gods seemed to be on our side the sun came out the wind died down, and even the sun tan cream was needed!!! Spring seemed to have finally arrived. With newly born lambs springing around in the fields the helicopter took of for Gowbarrow.

Gowbarrow which is just above Aira Force is a well used path that is in need of some major work. The gravel on the path has been washed away, and is now extremely boggy in sections. 20 bags of drain stone and 100 bags of gravel where flown up to help prevent this erosion from continuing.



 The next day saw three different sites having bags flown to them, smaller jobs than Gowbarrow but no less important.

 Red Tarn, where drains are needed to prevent the path from washing away.

 Miresbeck, a land slide had undermined the original path, so a new route was needed.


 Helm Crag, landscaping stone was needed to prevent people from taking short cuts.


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