May update

May 2013


Snow in May, and the coldest spring since 1979. Not even these statistics can dampen the spirits of the Central and East Lakes footpath team, any way in-between the snow showers we have had some sunshine.




The team have mainly been focused on their first major project of the year. Esk Hause, this is one of the longest walks that the team will have to complete to get to their work site, some 2500 feet to climb, before even starting work. The view is worth it though.




The project is to widen the path and make it more user-friendly i.e. flatter stones to walk on. Work is progressing extremely well; the team have already completed over 50 meters of pitching. The difference is a marked improvement on what was there.




We did how ever have one day where it seemed like winter had arrived early.




How does the song go? ‘Four season in one day.’ Well we must have had four seasons in one hour that day.


As well as footpath work we have also been tidying up after ourselves.




The bags that we use to transport the rock in each year, get piled up usually by the side of our shed on the fell, these bags can become a bit of and eye saw, so we thought it would be useful to use a nice sunny afternoon to drag some bags down from the Mickledon project that we had been working on last year.


Hopefully the sun will shine a bit more next month. Fingers crossed.


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