June Update

June has been a busy month for volunteers. One of the teams' larger summer projects is the resurfacing work on the top of Gowbarrow, just above Aira Force in Ullswater.

 The work involves digging out 15cm trenches a shovels width wide, then filling with gravel from a local quarry that had been flown in at the begging of the year. Over 80 bags where flown in, which equates to almost 50 tonnes of gravel.

 This is a very labour intensive job, so we have decided to use volunteers as much as possible. At the begging of the month, over two very sunny days we had 15 Fix the Fells volunteers helping us lay the first stretch of footpath.


At the end of the two days we had managed to lay almost 100m of newly gravelled path.



The quality of path is so much better than what was there. In the pictures it doesn’t look to bad, but when the path used to get wet, it turned into a mud slide.

 Later in the month we had another volunteer group out with us. This time they where from the Environment Agency. Each year all the offices from the North West get the chance to volunteer with a charity, and this year they chose us.


It was another fantastically sunny day; again we managed to get another good section of path completed.

 It is always good when we get different groups of volunteers out with us, because it is another audience that we can enthuse about how important footpath work is in theLake District.

 Finally June almost saw the completion of our first summer project, Esk Hause. The path is bedding in extremely well and looks like it has been there for some time.


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