July update

With the Esk Hause project being completed in June, the Central and East Lakes footpath team could turn their attention to the second summer project, Red Tarn. The path leading up to the Tarn from the Youth Hostel just above Glenridding, has started to wash away during the past couple of years. This has led to people walking off the path and causing a larger erosion scar on the fell side. The idea was to increase the number of drains on the path, so that water was being taken of the surface at more regular intervals.

In all about 12 new drains where planned. Luckily the digging was reasonably easy going and the drains where going in pretty quickly. We found that we where getting a drain completed in 2 to 3 days.


With the fantastic weather we where getting in July, we found that by the end of the month we where well on our way to completing the project.

July also saw the rangers’ team up with the Field Studies Council. The FSC is a ‘environmental education charity dedicated solely to providing informative and enjoyable opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to discover, explore, be inspired by, and understand the natural environment’, and they wanted our help to provide a group of school children aged between 10-11 to grasp an understanding of the environmental impact visitors have on the Lake District.

With the weather on our side we headed to Gowbarrow, to continue our work on the path. We had two fantastic, enthusiastic groups throughout the day. They fought and battled their way through hard root-y ground and managed to complete a good section of path.


They all seemed to enjoy their time fixing the fells, also hopefully learning something along the way.


O to have the energy of youth on our side again, we’d have these paths completed in no time.

The end of the month saw the team doing something completely different from their usual footpath repair. Owning a pub (Stickle Barn Tavern) and a pub with its own water supply comes responsibilities, first and foremost the up keep and maintenance of that water supply, something that had been neglected for a good few years. So on what seemed like the hottest day of the year the team set out on their task.


After 4 hours of heavy digging the team had completed their job.

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