A Day Out with the Environment Agency on Gowbarrow

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 Throughout the summer months we’ve been working periodically on Gowbarrow, this being the first year of a two year project to help improve this popular circular summit route and provide visitors with an enjoyable walk through this National Trust property and SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).

Gowbarrow has been a project requiring many hands and over the course of the year we’ve had help from around 150 volunteers and today we had the pleasure of being in the company of Environment Agency staff from Preston and Warrington who had volunteered to come and help us. The plan was to tackle a particularly tricky part of the path, with a triple whammy of ankle deep mud, bedrock and incredibly strong-rooted grass.

Stage one required digging a ‘tray’ the correct depth and width prior to filling it with gravel…..


……generally with this type of work it starts out in complete chaos until everybody finds their feet and gets use to the task ahead of them. In this case it was literally finding our feet as they disappeared into the mud!

Stage 2 involved filling the tray with gravel, and for this we’d flown-in 100 tonnes at the start of the year. We were now down to our last 10 tonnes!


The gravel was moved from the Heli-bags to the path by a number of methods.

By bucket in a chain of people……


The key being not to make the buckets too heavy! 

By wheel barrow and by dragging the bags of gravel when they’d become light enough or not light enough as in this case….



By the end of the day the weather had become wet and windy but despite this we’d managed to complete 30 metres of path and everyone still had a smile on their face. Our thanks go to the staff of the Environment Agency.





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