August update

What a fantastic summer!! Since the snow in May the sun seems to have carried on shining all the way throughout July and August.

Sunshine and clear blue sky’s leads to happy footpath workers, and in August happy volunteers. Not just our regular Fix the Fells volunteers, but also our Acorn Camp volunteers.


Two of our volunteers celebrating, after completing a section of path.

Acorn Camps our National Trust working holidays. A group of 12 volunteers who come to work with the footpath team for a week. It is a fantastic opportunity for the intrepid 12 to meet new and interesting people, learn about the fantastic Lake District, and understand how important footpath work is in the upkeep of this fragile landscape. (and have a laugh along the way).

This year we had a brilliant group of enthusiastic volunteers, from an A-level student (who actually found out her results, whilst she was half way up a mountain), to a gentleman who was completing his 9’Th Acorn Camp.


The volunteers helped with the on going work at Gowbarrow. With so many hands available it made our job of moving material far easier.


The work that was completed during the week was to an extremely high standard, considering the difficult terrain that the path was going through. Like all footpath work though the final outcome is always hugely rewarding and a true testimony to the hard work that has gone into it.


Aside from the Acorn Camp the team have also had a Fix the Fells work party on Gowbarrow. The path is now coming along extremely well and hopefully should be completed before the weather turns.


The teams other summer projects have also been moving along at a good pace. With the drains on Red Tarn finished, we have now turned our attentions to the landslide at Mires Beck.




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