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Fix the Fells held a volunteering day on 8th June in Langdale and with around 35 volunteers and rangers we completed two long drain runs and started work on the bridleway at Stickle Ghyll.

The drain runs (where shovels are used to clear path drains of stones and debris and brooms used to sweep areas of stone-pitching) started at the National Trust Sticklebarn pub and headed up to Loft Crag, Stickle Tarn, Harrison Stickle and Pike Howe.

Other volunteers and rangers started work on the lower section of the very popular path behind the pub that leads up to Stickle Ghyll. The work here involved rebuilding and creating new path drains to ensure water is taken off the path as quickly as possible when it rains. The path surface that has eroded away is also being repaired. This work will be ongoing over the next two to three years.

Our thanks goes to the volunteers and rangers who came along on the day and to all the organisations that supported and promoted the day. We would also like to thank all the people who donated in our collection buckets on the day - these contributions help us continue our work.

The day ended with cake at the Sticklebarn pub - a perfect end!


Path repairs at Stickle Ghyll

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