Volunteers Racing Ahead of Target

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Each year, our volunteer Lengthsmen commit to achieve notional targets for the work they do for Fix the Fells. This work is vital for ensuring the paths are maintained through drain runs and that some of the minor repairs the ranger teams do not have the capacity to do are completed. Lengthsmen are a core part of the Fix the Fells team.

In 2014, our Lengthsmen generously committed to 1,200 days work and 250 drain runs by the end of December. However, by 31st October, these targets had already been exceeded with 1,284 days being gifted and 269 drain runs completed.

Mike Innderdale from the National Trust and Chair of the Fix the Fells Board said: "This is excellent news for Fix the Fells. Every day gifted by our volunteers and every piece of work completed is highly valued by the Board and the whole Fix the Fells team. We could not possibly undertake the massive scale of work without their support and contribution. On behalf of the Board I would like to thank all the Fix the Fells volunteers for what they have done and continue to do. They are out in all weathers and have developed strong skills so we cannot thank them enough."

Over 80 volunteers support Fix the Fells and they undertake a mixture of maintenance and repair work across the Lake District uplands. Fix the Fells asks for a minimum commitment of 12 days per year from each volunteer as the training involved to undertake this skilled work is significant including practical training and navigation skills. It is also very rewarding being part of such a dedicated team and working to protect such an iconic landscape. If you would like to volunteer with us then please get in touch.

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