Volunteers help with the Three Peaks Clean-up

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24 Fix the Fells volunteers headed up to Scafell Pike as part of a 3-Peak clean-up challenge in April. In total they cleared 25 miles of path from all the routes from Borrowdale and Wasdale to the summit of Scafell Pike.

Other volunteer were doing the same on Ben Nevis and Snowdon as part of a united 3-Peaks effort. Here is what happened from the persepctive of one of our volunteers.....

Sometimes,  the  day,  the  work  and  the  weather  come  together  in  just  the  right  way. It  was  mid-April  and  we  were  heading  for  our  highest  peak – Scafell  Pike.  Plans  had  been  made  to  do  drain  runs  on  all  the  footpaths  leading  to  the  summit  in  readiness  for  the  3  peaks  challenge  season.  Others  would  be  working  on  Ben  Nevis  and  Snowdon.

Staff  and  volunteers  started  the  day  either  in  Borrowdale  or  Wasdale.  A  slight  frost  turned  quickly  to  a  warm  and  sunny  day  as  we  headed  out  of  the  valleys.  With  shovels  and  brushes  my  group   left  Seathwaite  and  went  up  Grains  Gill  to  Esk  Hause.  Drains  that  had  been  cleared  about  a month  ago  were  not  too  bad  but  higher  up  on  a  section  we  had  not  done  recently  they  were  full  and  small  stones  were  rapidly  covering  the  pitching.


Esk Hause

Into  Calf  Cove,  we  collected  rubbish  from  around  the  cross  shaped  shelter.  Nearby  a  few  patches  of  snow  were  left  after  the  winter,  a  great  attraction  to  children – and  those  not  so  young.  It was then  over  the  boulders  and  up  the  last  steep   and  rough  slope  to  the  top.  It  was  a  welcome  sight  but  buzzing  with  crowds  of  visitors.


Litter collecting

Groups  arrived  from  routes  up  Piers  Gill,  Sty  Head,  Brown  Tongue,  Hollowstones   and  the  Corridor  route.  Amazingly there  were  over  40  of  us  up  there  but  we  hardly  stood  out  from  the  crowds  there  who  - like  us- were  happily  having  lunch  in  the  sun,  chatting  and  taking  photos.


On the summit

A  great  day,  and  masses  of  work  done  on  miles  of  footpaths.


Christine Hurford

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