Volunteers Going Strong in 2014

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The magnificent work from our volunteers continues! In the first 7 months of 2014 they have contributed 830 days, completed 185 drain runs and 35 work parties.

Work has been undertaken on the path from Red Tarn to Crinkle Crags, Gowbarrow, Hall's Fell and Dale Head to name just a few. They have also been out in brilliant sunshine and heavy rain. Last Friday, volunteers were uncovering the path from Styhead Tarn to Great Gable in heavy showers when a storm settled in over Borrowdale. Fortunately work had just been completed as the group headed back down to safer ground. The stone-pitched path on this route had been buried under scree but has now been dug out and is much easier to walk on.

In rather better weather, the volunteers worked with rangers from National Trust Scotland and Wales on Crinkle Crags. This work mainly focused on landscaping out the spider web of paths that was beginning to form and returning the route to just one path. It was a busy weekend for walkers and we received a lot of support for the work we were doing.


With just 5 months left of 2014 our Fix the Fells volunteers have done a tremendous job in support of the Upland Path teams carrying out the vast majority of the routine maintenance work which lessens the need for major and costly repairs and projects. 

82 volunteers have contributed so far, including some new faces who started volunteering with us this year. We still need the help of other volunteers so if you have some spare time why not come along and have a go on one of our taster days? This allows potential volunteers to see what they are letting themselves in for before committing to the necessary but costly training required to work safely on the fells. It is  hard work but good fun. Email tanya@fixthefells.co.uk if you want to join us.

A big thank you to all our volunteers for the work they do - we couldn't do it without them!


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