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The month of December started with that familiar friend, winter wall gaps - repairing damaged dry stone walls. Most of these gaps are on woodland boundaries that keep livestock out.


Sarah repairing a dry stone wall from tree damage.

A day of heavy winds and rain brought many trees down, with some creating more wall gaps as they were blown down on woodland boundaries. In the afternoon the rangers checked roads and paths for blockages.


Tree down at Tarn Howes.

Later that day the weather had passed to reveal great views of Coniston Old Man.


View of Coniston Fells from the east side of the lake.

Bring on the Christmas do! The work party that day was on Hole Rake in the Coniston fells, establishing an old miner route (left of photo) and landscaping out short cuts (right of photo).


Hole Rake, before photos of the job in hand.

As well as landscaping, hawthorn and juniper were planted in tree cages in the hope that it will deter people from shortcutting. Also providing a different habitat which may attract bird species.


Hole Rake, after work party.

Foul weather, but good company, with a mix of many volunteers and staff enabled us to complete the task.

Meanwhile at Base Camp preparations were being made for the Christmas meal. That evening it was not long before the first keg of real ale was drunk dry, waiting on the Christmas meal.



 After the meal there were many stuffed drunk folk trying to answer questions in the Christmas quiz.

Our main project on Fairfield was visited for one last time. There does not appear to be any real shortcutting from the pitching. The landscaping is has started to green up as well as between the stone pitching, making it blend into the edges.


Greening up!

More problems spotted near the Miners Bridge that goes over Church Beck. With several plunge pools the beck is great for gorge walking, and attracts many people, especially in the summer.  The access straight down to the beck has caused an erosion scar which has started to undermine the egde of the path.


 Erosion scar down to Church Beck.

 Hope you had a good Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

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