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A beautifully illustrated Wainwright map that depicts all the summits, tarns, lakes & other useful information has been launched and donations are being made to Fix the Fells with each sale!

The man behind the creation of this map is Ian Shackleton, who has admired Wainwright for many years.

"This map is dedicated to my father, Howard Shackleton who introduced me to the Lakeland Fells some 45 years ago. The map has taken over 400 hours to complete. Like Wainwright's Guides, it has been a labour of love. It is designed to be a piece of art, pleasing to the eye and something which people would be proud to hang on their walls. Every fell and every tarn are accurate in terms of Grid Reference. It can be used to plan future routes, familiarise yourself with the proximity of the fells and tarns or simply to reminisce about days spent on the fells."

For every map sold, a donation will be made to Fix the Fells of at least £1 (this will be more if the map is purchased through a National Trust shop). Ian is keen to give something back to the fells he loves so much and said:

"I am delighted to be in association with, and to be able to help Fix the Fells, who protect our spectacular Lakeland Fells from erosion by maintaining and repairing the paths. For every map sold, a pound will be donated to them, to help fund their work, and maintain the fells for generations to come."

Tanya Oliver, Fix the Fells Programme Manager said "We are absolutely delighted to be working with Ian on this project. The map is a great addition to any fell walker's library. You can spend hours poring over the details, planning, reminiscing and just familiarising yourself with the whole of Lakeland. It is a unique map. We rely on donations like this to help fund our work for Fix the Fells so are very grateful to Ian for thinking of us."

This beautifully illustrated A1 (840mm x 594mm) map, depicts all of Wainwrights 214 Lakeland Fells, over 200 Lakeland Tarns, 23 Youth Hostels, the road networks and towns and villages of the area. Each fell and tarn is grid referenced and colour coded to correspond with Wainwright's classic Pictorial Guides. All fells are listed in height order in both feet and metres.

It is priced at £14.99 plus P&P if ordering online via Ian's website or it is available in the Keswick National Trust shops (soon to bea vailable in others) or various local bookshops. 


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