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The month of May has been a mixture of weather, work and seed on the ground.

At the start of the month Kendal Fell Walkers carried out a thorough job brushing off the pitching and clearing the drains on the path from Wythburn to Helvellyn.  On previous occasions in the year blizzard conditions prevented Kendal Fell walkers from reaching Helvellyn summit. It could not have been a more different day.


Cracking day!

The South Lakes team has been progressing well with the Fairfield project through wind, hail, rain and some sunshine. Not long before starting work on Fairfield it was dubbed Project Foulfell!


Buffeted by the wind on Foulfell.


That’s more like it, Fairfield is back.

The initial 10 metre sections that each team member has been pitching are coming close to being linked up. Landscaping to repair erosion on either side on the new path has also been worked on; this blends into the natural environment and hopes to discourage people from straying off the pitched path.


Previous projects that have been completed are revisited to see how successful they have been as further work or maintenance may be required.

Landscaping a dirty brown erosion scar on the side of Blease Fell was the first job we tackled last year. It was great to see that people were sticking to the paths and not short cutting up the fellside we repaired.  Ian below is re-seeding some of the bare patches of earth that did not take last year. The seed is a special mix of 30% Gator Turf, 30% Libano Slender, 30% Bornelo Sheeps 5% Maximal Strong and 5% Highland Bent.


Looking good!

Work on the Fairfield project has been broken up by other commitments, such as working with Kendal College. On this day the weather gave us another reminder of how things can dramatically change. Thankfully we were working at a low level with the college students, as it would have been bitterly cold if we were on Fairfield.


Langdale valley, Spring below Winter on the tops.


The old rocker test!

On the last day of the Blea Tarn Moss project that the students had been working on, they linked up sections of path they had defined and landscaped during previous sessions. To link the path from one side of the ghyll to the other, and ensure safe crossing in high water, they winched large stepping stones into line and securely wedged them in place.

Engaging with a wider audience is also part of Fix the Fell objectives, this is done through social media such as blogs and twitter, but also by attending events. The latest was at the Wild side conservation event at South Lakes Animal Park, where we had an opportunity to talk to the public about Fix the Fells. Building the mini drystone wall was very popular with the children and gave an opportunity to chat with their parents.


Feel free to ask any questions to Terry the tight rope walking tamarin.




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