Fix the Fells Lengthsmen Contribute over 1,200 days!

Fix The Fells | Latest News | Fix the Fells Lengthsmen Contribute over 1,200 days!

Our volunteer Lengthsmen have contributed 1,228 days to Fix the Fells including 222 drain runs from January to October.

Fix the Fells relies on the support of volunteers to undertake our large programme of work. So far in 2013 our regular volunteer Lengthsmen have contributed 1,073 days on upland work and 155 days on lowland and other activities. The work undertaken includes 222 drain runs (where path drains are cleared and loose stones are swept from stone pitching on a range of path routes), stone-pitching on Fairfield, building drains on Yewbarrow and using sheep fleeces on the peat path on Martcrag Moor.

Tanya Oliver, Fix the Fells Programme Manager said "We couldn't undertake the volume of work we do on Fix the Fells without the support of our volunteers. They are out in all weather and are highly skilled at what they do. They have already exceeded the number of days contributed last year, which is excellent news and their energy and enthusiasm is part of what makes Fix the Fells so special. Our sincere thanks goes to all volunteers for continuing to support us."


Volunteers on Martcrag Moor

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