BMC & Kendal Fell Walkers help Fix the Fells

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The BMC Access & Conservation Trust (ACT) and a group of fell walkers from Kendal have donated money to help repair a path on the popular route to Dale Head in the Lake District.

ACT has contributed £7,000 through their grant scheme and the Kendal Fell Walkers raised £600 through club funds and individual member contributions. The money is going towards the path from Dale Head Tarn to the summit of Dale Head. This is a popular path as it is part of the Newlands Horseshoe, which begins or ends at Catbells.

The path was mostly stone pitched in the mid-1990s. The work has lasted fairly well, but some of the pitching is falling out and the improvements in technique mean some needs replacing. The work will involve some re-pitching, some new pitching and landscaping/containment works. This project has been identified as a priority, as with a relatively low level of input now, the remaining work can be saved.

Tanya Oliver, Programme Manager for Fix the Fells said: “We are delighted and very grateful for the contribution from BMC and the Kendal Fell Walkers. We were keen to do the work on this path sooner rather than later to ensure we saved as much of the existing work as possible. This money means work is now underway, with the rocks flown by helicopter already in place. Without this money the path would have fallen into greater disrepair. The work on the path will also help prevent eroded soil falling into Dale Head Tarn and into other parts of the beck and river network in the area, which will help protect the water quality.”

Dr Catherine Flitcroft from the BMC Access & Conservation Trust said: “We have supported Fix the Fells on a number of projects over the years as their work to repair and maintain the path network sympathetically is vital. The erosion and ecological issues caused by so many people accessing the Lake District fells means sustainable repair techniques have to be used. We want to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy the fells but this has an impact on the landscape and contributing to protecting it for future generations is important.”

Over the last three years, Kendal Fell Walkers have run a series of Fix the Fells ‘drain runs’ for its members, giving them the opportunity to provide practical support under the guidance of the National Trust rangers.  KFW chairman Ken Taylor adds “Our members love walking the fells and are acutely aware of the need for maintenance of some of the popular paths.  Some members are able to give their time on the drain runs but, with this donation, we have gone a step further and provided members with the chance to contribute financial support.”


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