All aboard with Ullswater Steamers!

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Ullswater Steamers have once again given free passage to our volunteers to maintain the paths on the opposite shore to Glenridding. This service is invaulable for Fix the Fells as it means the volunteer team can achieve more in one day by arriving quickly on the opposite shore.

The challenge for the day were the paths to Place Fell and along the Ullswater Shore to Patterdale. The volunteer team cleared drains, swept stone-pitching of any loose gravel and even collected three bags of litter.

Tanya Oliver, Programme Manager said: "Our thanks goes to Ullswater Steamers for supporting our volunteers and offering them free passage to the path network. Not only does it help get things done more quickly but it is also a fabulous way to travel and a nice reward for our volunteers gifting their time to Fix the Fells for free. It helps makes volunteering a more interesting and enjoyable experience.

We rely on support and funding from local businesses to continue our work so are pleased to have the support of Ullswater Steamers."

The team had good weather for the day and were delighted to make use of the steamers. Even Milo the dog got to go along....


Volunteers on board


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