A £4,250 donation when Tubular Fells met Fix the Fells

Fix The Fells | Latest News | A £4,250 donation when Tubular Fells met Fix the Fells

Peter Burgess, creator of Tubular Fells joined rangers and volunteers on a Fix the Fells work day on Stake Pass. As well as getting stuck into the work, Peter donated £4,250 from the sale of the Tubular Fells maps!

A contribution is made from the sale of each map to Fix the Fells and since the map was launched, a total of £10,000 was been raised for Fix the Fells, which is fantastic news.

The work party on Stake Pass involved building a drain on the path to channel water away from the corners and reduce water erosion, collecting parts of a shed that had blown acoss the fellside in recent winds and collecting stones in helicopter bags for the helicopter to transport them to nearby paths.

It was a great day out in beautiful weather and the Fix the Fells team are delighted to have the support of Peter Burgess and Tubular Fells.

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